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COVID-19 Update 19/08/20

Current Status of Loch Lomond Sailing Club – 19/08/2020

There are no changes to the guidelines for the coming week. All aspects will be considered at our weekly Covid meeting and relayed in our communication next week.

Phase 3 – The Government is asking us to stay safe and protect others.

The Scottish Government is asking us to continue to comply with a number of measures to protect us from the virus, please follow these recommendations

  • The carpark and slipway are open. The club house is to remain closed, the toilets and first aid room can be used (please do not use the changing rooms or shower), please wipe down surfaces and handles before and after use. The upstairs lockers have limited access for collection of sailing equipment, no changing is permitted.
  • The club has set up soap at the toilet and hand sanitiser stations and disinfectant wipes around the site, we would recommend anyone going to the club to have their own hand sanitiser.
  • Please treat contact points e.g. gate, padlocks, door handles, lawn mower handles, etc as contaminated and take personal action to reduce potential for contamination.
  • Please keep the gate open during the day when the site is busy to avoid cross contamination. The padlock can remain off only while persons are on site, but gate must be padlocked correctly at night and by last member leaving. We will continue to monitor the situation, as we progress out of the Covid virus the intention is to revert back to a closed gate but unlocked during the day.
  • RIBs, club sailing boats, dumper, tractor and crane can be used by authorised members only. Please sign out the equipment for the day on the new whiteboard in the canoe shed. Please clean contact points before and after use, guidance attached.
  • No safety boat cover will be provided at this phase.
  • Overnight stays can take place if you are self-contained, showers will be closed.
  • Members may bring guests on site, please sign in as usual. Guest(s) of the member to be from the same house hold, and no more than one house hold visit in any given weekend. Members are responsible for keeping their guests informed of normal site bylaws and also site guidelines concerning Covid.

New Guest Signing In Procedure
The system used in the past did not provide enough information to follow Government Guidelines. Guests are now asked to fill in a “Sign in Sheet.” Example attached. These are located at the clubhouse front door. The guest provides their name, post code, telephone number, member’s name and date. To comply with our Data Privacy Policy we ask for the completed form to be put into the locked black post box. This is on a table, with the blank forms, at the front door.