Duty Rota

Duty Roster
At the Club we use ‘Dutyman’ software for the club Duty Roster.
The Dutyman server has our complete Duty Roster with a full list of members, their email addresses and phone numbers. Almost all members are requested to carry out some duties during the year. Members are able to view the roster and request appropriate swaps. Swaps need not be with members doing the same duty. Some Rib crews can be Rib coxs and/or Committee Boat cox/crew, not to mention cafe person.
Race Officers wishing to swap should only swap with other rostered ROs or members known to be experienced ROs.
Members will be sent two automatic email reminders of each duty, about four weeks and one week prior to the relevant duty. Many members have three duty days, this now being the default position. If you have not received a reminder email or require more details about Dutyman please contact the Dutyman administrator, David Protheroe: david@boxshop.com