Results from 2016

Fleet Championships

Dinghy and Flying Fifteen Fleets

There were 55 races in total, so each Fleet Championship is calculated for each competitor’s best 22 races (40%). Competitors with fewer than this 22 make up the difference with DNCs – the number of boats in the fleet that sail at least one race in that series. What complicates matters is the way that there were 12 different “series” (7 Race Weekends, 4 Trophy Weekends, 1 Sunday Islands series and 1 Saturday Points series). All boats get “Average Points” (up to a maximum of 7), for duties (OODs) or attendance at Travellers’ Events (AVPs) but they only get the average of the points they obtained in that series. Helms who are on duty for a Race Weekend do not compete in any of the races at that weekend, so they can only get the average of 6 DNCs, which depends upon the number of boats that actually do compete in that race. This seems unfair, so I lumped all the races together into a single series to determine a more equitable value for their average points. This produced the following results:

Medium Handicap: Only two boats completed the required 22 races.

David Cooke in an RS Aero 1883 competed in 26 races (or claimed OODs) and gained 45 points from the best 22 races; he is therefore the Medium Handicap Fleet Champion.

Bob and Margaret Sparkes in “Chongololo” Wayfarer 6117 competed in 22 races (or claimed OODs) and gained 48.5 points from these 22 races. They should get the Wayfarer Cup if it is awarded to anyone.

Fast Handicap: Paul Hignett in Int. Moth 4073 competed in 29 races and gained 22 points from his best 22 races (or claimed AVPs), so he is therefore the Fast Handicap Fleet Champion.

Flying Fifteen: 9 boats competed in at least one race, so that the DNC for this fleet counts as 10 points. Alister Colvin and  Ian McPherson  in “Dilligaff” FF 3950 competed  (or claimed OODs) in 23 races and gained 37.4 points in their best 22 races; so they are the Flying Fifteen Fleet Champions.

The restriction on the number of AVPs and OODs that are allowed means that although Steve and Matt Lee in “Millenium Maid” FF 3685 competed in 12 races and claimed 11 AVPs or OODs, only 7 of the latter were allowed, so they were 3 races short of the required 22 races.

Cruisers: There were 32 races, so the Championship is decided on the best 13 races

Achilles. Sandy and Jackie Greaves in “Zircon” Achilles 1250C competed in 11 races obtaining a total of 13 points which makes them Achilles Fleet Champions, no other boat competed in more than 9 races.

Keelboat Handicap:There were 32 races, so the Championship should be decided on the best 13 races. Only one boat competed in at least 13 races; David Smith and crew in “Maverick” Sadler 685C obtained a total of 14 points in their best 13 races, which makes them Keelboat Handicap Fleet Champions.

Keelboat and Flying Fifteen Open Weekend 1/2 October 2016

Flying Fifteen Open Weekend

Keelboat Weekend 2016

The results for each series

Please note: The Sailing Instructions state that: “A maximum of 2 days racing per series can be scored as Average Points, but never more than one third of the races to count for that series.” In the Sunday Island Series, so many races were cancelled that only three races are needed for calculating the winners of this series. Three helms were on duty or were racing elsewhere on more than one occasion during this series, but, because of this rule, only one of these occasions can be given Average Points.

Please select the required  series report for each fleet from the list below.

Current Season to date: -

Pursuit Race 10 July 2016

Cruisers General Handicap

Sailwave results for Cruiser Trophy Races -

Achilles Saturday Points Series Final Results

Achilles Sunday Series

There were seven race weekends this season, although not all races took place because of there being too much or too little wind. For the Keelboat and Achilles Fleets, I put all the results together to save space, with the result that some people have assumed that these races formed a complete series. They don’t! Each weekend is a separate series. To make this clearer, I have rearranged the results.

Achilles Race Weekends

Keelboat Race Weekends

Head of the Loch

Keelboat Saturday Points Series Final Results

Keelboat Sunday Series

Dinghy & Flying Fifteen General Handicap

Dinghy and Flying Fifteen Trophy Races -

Fast Handicap Saturday Points Series Final Results

Fast Sunday Island Series

Fast Handicap Race Weekend 1 -

Fast Handicap Race Weekend 2 -

Fast Handicap Race Weekend 3 -

Fast Race Weekend 5 -

Sailwave results for Fast Handicap Race Weekend 7 -

Medium Handicap Saturday Points Series Final Results

Medium Sunday Island Series

Medium Handicap Race Weekend 1 -

Medium Race Weekend 2 -

Medium Race Weekend 3 -

Medium Race Weekend 5 -

Medium Handicap Race Weekend 7 -

Flying Fifteen Saturday Points Series Final Results

Flying Fifteen Sunday Island Series

Flying Fifteen Race Weekend 1 -

Flying Fifteen Race Weekend 2 -

Flying Fifteen Race Weekend 3 -

Flying Fifteen Race Weekend 5 -

Flying Fifteen Race Weekend 7 -

Slow Saturday Points Series

Slow Sunday Island Series

Slow Handicap Race Weekend 1 -

Slow Handicap Race Weekend 2 -