General Information

Loch Lomond SC clubhouse

Loch Lomond Sailing Club is the principal sailing club on Loch Lomond and enjoys a beautiful location on the eastern shore, north of Balmaha. It has been based on the loch for a century, with more than sixty years at its present site, although its original name (Clyde Canoe Club) indicates its origins as an association of sailing canoeists on the Clyde in 1873.

RS200The main thrust of the Club is to provide competitive racing on Saturdays and Sundays, Sail Training, Powerboat Training, combined with the provision of on-shore amenities to ensure an attractive family atmosphere.

The Club has about 300 members in total, with membership available in various forms. The primary membership for adults is Ordinary or ‘Full’ membership with Associate membership available for the spouse or partner of the Full Member. Duckling, Cadet and Junior membership is available for young people of 0-21 years, with Student membership for those in full time education.

Outport membership is an option for those Ordinary/Full members who find themselves unable to actively participate in the Club due to work commitments or other personal circumstances, but who wish to remain in contact with the Club, receiving newsletters, Open Day Fliers etc.

Racing Activities

Loch Lomond SC keelboat

A full racing programme is in operation every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday throughout the season (mid-April to October inclusive). Most of the racing takes place over the extensive stretch of water at the southern part of the Loch, but several times a year special races do include the northern end. Club members provide safety cover and act as Race Officers for all racing activities and training courses are available each season on all aspects of racing.

L.L.S.C. is fortunate to be able to hold Open events each year, an Open Dinghy Weekend and an Open Flying Fifteen Weekend, in September and October respectively. In addition we are often approached by sailing fleets to hold fleet travellers or championships, and are very keen to encourage racing fleets to visit.

Loch LomondSC RS700

Achilles 24 and Flying Fifteens are currently the only boats with their own class start. However there are active Cruiser (PY less than 1170), medium and fast dinghy fleets. We would like to encourage our younger/less experienced members to participate in racing and have a Slow Handicap Fleet which has a maximum PY number of 1290 (i.e. Topper). If you would like to discuss your choice of boat please contact the relevant fleet captain. Please note that your boat MUST have a current Portsmouth Handicap PY Number to join the Club (see class pages under Club Info.)

The Club itself has four Optimists, three Topper dinghies, a Laser and an RS 200 for use during Sail/Race training and for general club use, but in general members have their own boats or are part of a team who share a boat. Please note we do not have equipment available for hire.

Facilities and Amenities

Commodore Cooking Dinner

The Club is one of Scotland’s premier freshwater sailing clubs and is well equipped for racing, including running open events. Amenities include a clubhouse with communal lounge, kitchen, dining room, some storage lockers and shower & toilet facilities. On the grounds there are boatsheds, dinghy storage area, off-shore moorings for keelboats and a newly refurbished concrete slipway for launch and retrieval of boats, including equipment for the launch of keelboats. The Club is also a registered Caravan Site with Stirling Council and members can apply to the secretary for a site. If all sites are allocated, the members names are put on a waiting list for the next vacancy. The Club also has two Club caravans which may be used by members to stay overnight, for a small fee. In addition there are several other storage facilities for members to store sails etc, canoes, sailboards and outboard engines.


The layout of the Club is such that when hosting Open events or Club events, such as the annual Club Regatta or Friends & Family days, we can offer catering from afternoon teas, coffees and sticky buns to evening curries with ceilidh. The Friends & Family day involves games for children (adults can sneak in if they want although Optimists can prove quite a handful when being handled by pirates!!!) and sailing activities for folk of all ages!



The duties of; Race Officer, Safety Boat (Cox and Crew) and Tea Person; are shared by all members on a weekend rota basis, to allow the weekends activities to be provided. Members receive a copy of the duty list at the beginning of each season, which is also displayed in the Clubhouse dining room and on the Club website. Several Safety Boats are in operation during all racing activity and operate under rigorous safety precautions with which all members are expected to comply.


PowerboatThe Club is an RYA Recognised Teaching Establishment for Powerboat Training which allows them to gain a minimum Level 2 Powerboat certificate in order to participate in Safety Cover for weekends. The Club also run sail and race training courses for members and we have also recently gained RYA/Volvo Championship status. Please note that this training is offered to Club members only, and is not available on a commercial basis.

Entry and Membership

New Members are initially ‘Probationary Members’ which has two main benefits. Firstly, it allows new applicants to enjoy the facilities of the Club for a period of approximately 12-18 months without the requirement to pay a joining fee. Secondly, it allows new members’ partners and any children free membership of the club for this period. This allows the new Probationary Member and Family to determine whether they have enough free time to participate in Club activities, both sailing and social, and whether, in cases where sailing is a new hobby, sailing is something that the new member enjoys.

Applicants become Probationary members and are, during this period, given a gate key for the grounds and, where required, a key for the outboard engine shed. They are asked to restrict their visitors to immediate family only, but this in no way hinders participation in Club activities. I would like to remind everyone that we are primarily a Racing Club, everyone joining is encouraged to participate in the racing at weekend, novices and experienced sailors alike.

How to Proceed

If this sounds like the Club you would like to join please contact the secretary at and I will arrange a suitable time for you to come and have a look round the Club and arrange to have a chat with members of your sailing group.

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